I design, develop, and deploy hybrid human-AI intelligent interactive systems to provide access to visual information in the real world. By combining the advantages of humans and AI, these systems can be nearly as robust and flexible as humans, and nearly as quick and low-cost as automated AI, enabling us to solve problems that are currently impossible with either alone.

I will start as an Assistant Professor in Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Michigan in January 2021!
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Anhong Guo is a final year Ph.D. candidate in the Human-Computer Interaction Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, advised by Dr. Jeffrey Bigham. He is also a Snap Inc. Research Fellow, and a Swartz Innovation Fellow for Entrepreneurship. Anhong has published in many top academic conferences and journals on interface technologies, wearable computing, accessibility and computer vision, including two best paper nominees. Before CMU, he received his Master’s in HCI from Georgia Tech, and Bachelor's in Electronic Information Engineering from BUPT. He has also worked in the Ability and Intelligent User Experiences groups in Microsoft Research, the HCI group of Snap Research, the Accessibility Engineering team at Google, and the Mobile Innovation Center of SAP America.


Jul 6, 2020
Defending my dissertation on human-AI systems for visual information access
Jun 26, 2020
Three projects led by collaborators at CMU, MSR, and Apple accepted to ASSETS 2020
May-June, 2020
Serving on the program committees for UIST 2020 and ASSETS 2020
Apr 30, 2020
Joining University of Michigan CSE as an Assistant Professor in January 2021


Anhong Guo, Junhan Kong, Michael Rivera, Frank F. Xu, Jeffrey P. Bigham
UIST 2019
pdf · ACM DL · arXiv · full video · 30s preview · slides · talk · UIST talk
Anhong Guo, Ilter Canberk, Hannah Murphy, Andrés Monroy-Hernández, Rajan Vaish
Ubicomp 2019
pdf · ACM DL · arXiv · video
Sujeath Pareddy, Anhong Guo, Jeffrey P. Bigham
Best Artifact AwardASSETS 2019
pdf · ACM DL · video · website
Anhong Guo, Ece Kamar, Jennifer Wortman Vaughan, Hanna Wallach, Meredith Ringel Morris
ASSETS 2019 AI Fairness Workshop
Danna Gurari, Qing Li, Chi Lin, Yinan Zhao, Anhong Guo, Abigale Stangl, Jeffrey P. Bigham
CVPR 2019
pdf · supplemental · CVF · website · poster
Runchang Kang, Anhong Guo, Gierad Laput, Yang Li, Xiang 'Anthony' Chen
SUI 2019
pdf · ACM DL · video
Anhong Guo, Anuraag Jain, Shomiron Ghose, Gierad Laput, Chris Harrison, Jeffrey P. Bigham
Ubicomp 2018
pdf · ACM DL · video · slides
Anhong Guo, Saige McVea, Xu Wang, Patrick Clary, Ken Goldman, Yang Li, Yu Zhong, Jeffrey P. Bigham
pdf · ACM DL · video · slides
Anhong Guo, Jeffrey P. Bigham
IEEE Pervasive Computing 17(2), 2018, Maker Tech column
Danna Gurari, Qing Li, Abigale J. Stangl, Anhong Guo, Chi Lin, Kristen Grauman, Jiebo Luo, Jeffrey P. Bigham
Spotlight PresentationCVPR 2018
pdf · arXiv · website · poster · video · tech review
Anhong Guo, Jeeeun Kim, Xiang 'Anthony' Chen, Tom Yeh, Scott E. Hudson, Jennifer Mankoff, Jeffrey P. Bigham
CHI 2017
pdf · ACM DL · full video · 30s preview · talk
Jeeeun Kim, Anhong Guo, Tom Yeh, Scott E. Hudson, Jennifer Mankoff
DIS 2017
pdf · ACM DL · video
Anhong Guo, Xiang 'Anthony' Chen, Haoran Qi, Samuel White, Suman Ghosh, Chieko Asakawa, Jeffrey P. Bigham
UIST 2016
pdf · ACM DL · full video · 30s preview · talk
Anhong Guo, Tim Paek
Honorable MentionMobileHCI 2016
pdf · ACM DL · video
Michael Nebeling, Alexandra To, Anhong Guo, Adrian A. de Freitas, Jaime Teevan, Steven P. Dow, Jeffrey P. Bigham
CHI 2016
pdf · ACM DL · full video · 30s preview · talk
Xiaolong Wu, Malcolm Haynes, Anhong Guo, Thad Starner
ISWC 2016
pdf · ACM DL · video
Cheng Zhang, Anhong Guo, Dingtian Zhang, Yang Li, Caleb Southern, Rosa I. Arriaga, Gregory D. Abowd
TiiS 6(2), 2016
pdf · ACM DL
Anhong Guo, Xiaolong Wu, Zhengyang Shen, Thad Starner, Hannes Baumann, Scott Gilliland
Computer 48(6), 2015
Cheng Zhang, Anhong Guo, Dingtian Zhang, Caleb Southern, Rosa I. Arriaga, Gregory D. Abowd
IUI 2015
pdf · ACM DL · video
Xiaolong Wu, Malcolm Haynes, Yixin Zhang, Ziyi Jiang, Zhengyang Shen, Anhong Guo, Thad Starner, Scott Gilliland
ISWC 2015
pdf · ACM DL
Anhong Guo, Shashank Raghu, Xuwen Xie, Saad Ismail, Xiaohui Luo, Joseph Simoneau, Scott Gilliland, Hannes Baumann, Caleb Southern, Thad Starner
Honorable MentionISWC 2014
pdf · ACM DL · video · talk